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(SOLD OUT) Genie Pilsner

For our Genie Pils, we start with a top grade modern 2-row barley and malt it slowly under cool conditions while gently turning in a modern drum for consistent, even modification. Kilning is also taken slowly, under low air temperatures and high air flow in order to maintain maximum enzyme potential and very low color.

The resulting distinctive Pilsner malt is clean and sweet, making it a perfect choice for all your lighter beers, as well as the perfect canvas to layer flavors on for most any beer coming out of your brew house.


Notes of light honey sweetness. Slightly nutty with a pleasantly grainy complement.

Comes in 55lb. bags.

Moisture < 5 %
Extract > 80.0 % FGDB
Color 1.5-1.9L 1.3-1.8 SRM
Protein < 11.5

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2,200lbs max per pallet.

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