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Genie Pale

Malting Process

For our popular Genie Pale we start with a top grade modern 2-row barley and malt it slowly under cool conditions while gently turning in a state-of-the-art malting drum for consistent, even modification. Kilning uses multiple steps with high airflow and low temps to preserve enzymatic activity while utilizing full automation for consistent repeatability. 


The resulting distinctive pale malt has a light malty flavor with notes of bread and honey.  A great replacement for a traditional 2-row if you're looking to add some flavor.  Perfect for any style beer.  Give it a try today!!

Comes in 55lb. bags, bulk options available. 

Certificate of Analysis 

Friability  94.5%

Fine Extract  81.5%

Coarse Extract  80.7%

F-C Difference  0.8

Color SRM  2.25

B-Glucan  52

Soluble Protein 4.81%

Total Protein  11.4%

S/T  42.2%

Fan  192

DP  125

Alpha Amylase  59.3

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2,200lbs max per pallet.

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